Friday, March 26, 2010

For: Kimmy

Just a little gift for Kimmy. ♥

I'm super happy about the eyes. C:
&& I'm even semi-happy about the hair!! (which is like a first, LOL)
Hm, yes, the style is influenced by Kimmy's style cause I really wanna learn from her so bad. =u=/ ♪
Yes, I added tape cause I HEART TAPE. j u j
They are so amazing, design+creativity-wise.

It says...
4 k i m m y
creative, talented, smart, caring, cool
100% awesome (:
made with love
♥ nomi

This was created, kinda as a thank you, for the piece she drew for me. o u o


  1. XD whoa it looks like she tried out your style in return, so so neat <3

    I love the tape too *_* It makes everything more 3-dimensional (or more 2d in a reverse way??)
    The eyes and the hair look awesome!

  2. It's more like, I tried her style in return. x') She made that pic for me first.

    Wahh, I didn't think of that! Thank you about the 2D/3D! <3